New Website for The International Institute for Hermeneutics

The International Institute for Hermeneutics has a new website! While you are there, be sure to check out the latest issue of Analecta Hermeneutica, Vol. 13, 2021, whose theme is “For a Hermeneutics Yet to Come: Gadamer and Ricoeur’s Legacy to 21st-Century Thought. Contributors to this issue include Richard Kearney, Jens Zimmerman, Cynthia R. Nielsen and David Utsler (co-authored article), David Liakos, and Paul Fairfield.

Hermeneutics in Real Life: A New Project by Todd Mei

Our readers will be interested in Todd Mei’s new project, Hermeneutics in Real Life (HINRL). He describes his project as being “open to anyone interested in the application of hermeneutics to real life. The project includes online resources and a monthly, hour long, online discussion on topics applying hermeneutics to various areas of real life. While hosted by Ricoeur scholars, the invitation to participate is extended to the entire hermeneutics community, including those new to the field. ”

HINRL has an upcoming event featuring Prof. Richard Kearney. You can register for the event here.