Paperback Version of Gadamer’s Truth and Method: A Polyphonic Commentary

The paperback version of Gadamer’s Truth and Method: A Polyphonic Commentary, edited by Cynthia R. Nielsen and Greg Lynch is now available in paperback version, which means it is much more affordable. Below is a  brief description of the book and the table of contents.

If you are a scholar interested in reviewing the book and have a journal editor interested in publishing your review, please send me an email (, and I can put you in touch with our publisher for a review copy.

Book Description

Gadamer’s Truth and Method: A Polyphonic Commentary offers a fresh look at Gadamer’s magnum opus, Truth and Method, which was first published in German in 1960, translated into English in 1975, and is widely recognized as a ground-breaking text of philosophical hermeneutics. The volume features essays from fourteen scholars-both established and rising stars-each of which cover a portion of Truth and Method following the order of the text itself. The result is a robust, historically and thematically rich polyphonic reading of the text as a whole, valuable both for scholarship and teaching.

Table of Contents


The Basic Structure and Argument of Truth and Method, Jean Grondin

Chapter 1:  Gadamer on the Significance of the Humanist Tradition for the Human Sciences, or: Truth and Edification, Theodore George

Chapter 2:  Gadamer’s Astonishing Question: Engaging with Gadamer’s Critique of Kant’s Aesthetics, Nicholas Davey

Chapter 3:  Re-claiming Art’s Claim to Truth, Daniel L. Tate

Chapter 4:  Gadamer on Play as Ontological Explanation, Jessica Frazier

Chapter 5:  Gadamer and the Plastic Arts, Cynthia R. Nielsen

Chapter 6:  Schleiermacher’s Hermeneutics and Historical Meaning, Kevin M. Vander Schel

Chapter 7:  Phenomenology’s Essential Role in the Hermeneutic Tradition, David Vessey

Chapter 8: The Historical Situation of Thought as a Hermeneutic Principle, Carolyn Culbertson

Chapter 9: The Recovery of the Fundamental Hermeneutic Problem, Application and Normativity, David Liakos

Chapter 10:  The Finitude of Reflection, Greg Lynch

Chapter 11:  Language as Medium of Hermeneutic Experience, Carlo DaVia

Chapter 12:  Gadamer and the Concept of Language, Gert-Jan van der Heiden

Chapter 13:  On Language and the Universality of Hermeneutics, James Risser

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